3M invented the first window film 50 years ago


Offering protection against bomb blasts, sunlight and theft, and providing personalisation, 3M does it all with film. The first films were invented in 1966, and this year 3M, with a major European branch in Diegem, is celebrating 50 years of innovative window film products.

“The goal was to protect valuables and people without changing the appearance of windows”, explains Tim Thornton, Global Business Director of 3M Renewable Energy Division in the 3M press release. “With good results. Since its creation 50 years ago, 3M Window Film has revolutionised the way we utilise a design feature that can be applied on every home, every building and every automobile.”

These films are used worldwide on windows of highly varied locations, such as homes, offices, hospitals, museums, and more.

Film also improves car comfort

The importance of film in the car industry should not be underestimated. For instance, 3M™ Automotive Window Film helps improve comfort and protect car interiors and occupants without ever being noticed.

Various films provide:

•          Unbreakable car windows and protection in case of impact.

•          Colour fastness of the car’s interior by blocking the sun’s UV rays.

•          Better view of the road by blocking glare.

•          Improved fuel economy by rejecting heat coming through the windows.

•          Limited view of car valuables and occupants with darkened windows.

•          No bodywork scratches.

•          Licence plate reflection.

•          Etc.

More colour in your fleet

Films to personalise company and private cars is currently on the rise. “Wrap Films let you personalise your car to produce more colourful cars for fleets and private individuals”, explains Patrick Rogiers, Managing Director of 3M Benelux in Diegem, in a previous interview with BeAutomotive: How 3M makes your car quieter, lighter and more personal.

In celebration of 3M Window Film’s golden anniversary, 3M has planned a communications campaign throughout 2016 under the slogan “So remarkable you may not have noticed…”.

Upcoming events can be viewed on 3M.com/Remarkable .