Belgian Alro Group colours BMW and Mercedes and many other cars & trucks


Have you ever wondered how your car got that beautiful colour? Chances are the Belgian Alro Group coated or painted the metal and plastic products on your car.

The contrasting colours in parts of the front and rear bumpers of the AUDI A3. The sumptuous window styles of the BMW 7 Series. The coating of metal parts for more than 2 million car seats each year for BMW and Mercedes. These are three contracts recently won by the Dilsen-Stokkem based Alro Group.

More than 100,000 products a day

ALRO was founded in 1976 by Mr Luc Thijs, and still has its headquarters in Dilsen-Stokkem. A specialist in metal and plastic products coating, the company operates more than 20 coating installations, processing over 100,000 products a day. The next day already, the components have to be sent to the clients all over Europe.

Millions of people drive a vehicle whose components are coloured by the Belgian specialist. In cars, these include, for example, chassis components, body panels, door and window frames, bumpers, mirrors, door handles, door panels, parking sensors, spoilers, wiper arms, dashboard components, mouldings, door handles, door panels, airbag covers, etc.

After the coating process, Alro sometimes also supplies a fully assembled product, such as a door handle, for instance.

Production expansion in Slovakia

At the request of its German customers, Alro launched a plant in Slovakia. “If you need manpower and if you have German customers, it’s the place to be,” Alro Group CTO, Carl Bruynseels, explained in an article published in L’Echo newspaper.

“We wanted to supply from Belgium but they said, no, it had to come from Slovakia,” added Plant Manager Koenraad Geurts. “The decisive factor for major car manufacturers is not always the price, but reliability and quality,” commented Carl Bruynseels.

Strong presence at trade fair

“People are often surprised when they see the production line,” said Koenraad Geurts who is Plant Manager at Alro’s site in Slovakia. “We take care of the entire surface treatment portfolio (painting, etc.). None of our competitors can do it and we still have capacity.”

Visitors to the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) will be able to admire their unique and comprehensive offering without having to travel further on to Slovakia.

Between 18 and 20 October 2016, you will find the Alro Group at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, on the stand shared with seven other Belgian automotive specialists.