Belgian Umicore and Voxdale boost Mahindra Racing team in Formula E World Championship


Two Belgian companies and one Belgian driver are adding horsepower to the Mahindra Formula E team. Materials specialist Umicore and engineering firm Voxdale are bringing state-of-the-art battery technology as well as design and engineering innovations to the Indian team’s electric racing car. Belgian racer Sam Dejonghe will help develop the test car.

The partnership between Umicore, Voxdale, Sam Dejonghe and the Indian Mahindra Group, worth 19 billion dollars, is remarkable.

The Mahindra Racing team has high technical and sporting ambitions for its newly developed M4 Electro race car that pushes the limits of technology and innovation. The team hopes to achieve its goals with the help of its new Belgian partners.

Formula E stands for electric Formula 1

The electrical alternative to the Formula 1 is gaining in popularity. There are already 14 races on the Formula E World Championship calendar. It’s worth noting that all these races are taking place in the heart of iconic cities, such as New York, Rome, Mexico City, Marrakech and Hong Kong. The driver who manages to get the most out of the standardised battery pack without accidents wins the race.

Mahindra Racing is one of the ten founding teams to compete in Formula E. It finished third in the July 2017 podium finish and now relies on Belgian innovations to increase its chances of success. Watch this video for an introduction to Formula E.

Umicore will enhance battery performance

Umicore and Mahindra Racing have agreed to undertake a technology development programme to enhance the performance of the 12V battery which powers all the mission critical systems running on the Formula E cars. The results of this development work will first be visible in the season five car, when drivers will no longer need to make a mandatory car swap during the race.

Voxdale to share expertise in design and engineering

The Belgian innovation company Voxdale is a design, engineering and research agency that focuses on innovation, concept generation and the development of systems and products. The Antwerp based company has already worked on projects in Nascar and INDYCAR racing. It will now be an official design & technology supplier for Mahindra Racing. Voxdale and Mahindra Racing engineers will work together to apply Voxdale’s areas of expertise. “We are convinced that Voxdale’s expertise in design, engineering and simulation will be a great asset for Mahindra Racing,” says CEO of Voxdale, Koen Beyers.

Belgian test driver is enthusiastic

Finally, the Belgian racing driver Sam Dejonghe is completing the team as a simulator and development driver. The young and talented Belgian racing driver will work closely with the team’s engineers to test new settings on a race simulator and the test car. “I cannot wait to work in such a professional environment and contribute to improving race car performance,” enthuses Sam Dejonghe. “Due to the specific city racing of Formula E, it’s absolutely critical to prepare and simulate the races well.”