Belgium drives the future of automotive


There is a lot happening in Belgium’s automotive industry. Small and large companies alike are putting tremendous effort into building the future. Agoria will showcase eight innovators on the Belgian stand at the biennial International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, Germany.   

The International Suppliers Fair (IZB) will take place in Wolfsburg from 18 to 20 October 2016. The IZB is one of Europe’s leading fairs for the automotive supplier insdustry. This will be the perfect moment to show the world that Belgium drives the future of automotive.

8 Belgian innovators
“Belgium, we drive the future of automotive” immediately became the slogan of the joint stand shared by 8 Agoria members, in Hall 2, Booth 2105.

Belgium’s tricolour is proudly represented by eight companies:
1. Alro Group,
2. AMS Belgium,
3. Averna,
4. Kanigen Works,
5. LASE,
6. Mazaro,
7. Ninix Technologies,
8. Procoplast.

Besides the group stand, Agoria is also planning a “Belgian automotive special event” at the Wolfsburg Kunstmuseum (Museum of Fine Arts) on Wednesday, 19 October.

3 world premieres from Belgium
We will be revealing three world premieres at this year’s IZB, which is typical of the innovative Belgian spirit.
AMS will be introducing rotational moulding for plastic parts using industrial robots complemented by electrical heating of the mould: Robomould®.
Mazaro will be presenting an innovative transmission system which reduces fuel consumption and emissions by 16 to 26 percent.
Ninix Technologies has developed a new packaging technology for automotive sensor modules which combines the strength of potting technology with the advantages of transfer moulding technology, while minimizing limitations.