Bombardier Bruges rebuilds 53 Antwerp trams for 23 million euros


The Bruges site of railway and tram manufacturer Bombardier is converting 53 Antwerp HermeLijn trams. The contract is worth 23 million euros. Siemens Belgium is also involved in the project.

The conversion work will allow the famous low-floor HermeLijn trams to be linked together. This will increase the number of public transport seats without requiring additional drivers or tram stops.

Largest tram contract ever

The conversion is not the only tram contract landed by Bombardier. The Belgian site is also a player in the biggest tram contract ever for our country.

This tram contract awarded by De Lijn involves the production of 146 new trams, worth 295 million euros. Even though it was won by its Spanish competitor CAF, Bombardier and CAF have since concluded a commercial partnership.

New prospects for employees

“We have done everything within the legal framework to secure jobs in Bruges,” Flemish Minister of Mobility Ben Weyts commented on the subject. “Both the CAF – Bombardier cooperation for the big tram contract and the new contract to adapt the Antwerp HermeLijn trams in Bruges offer new and tangible opportunities for Bombardier employees.”

Bombardier to also supply new Albatros trams

More tram news from Bruges. The first of fourteen new ‘Albatros’ FLEXIBILITY 2 trams will arrive in Antwerp by the end of October. The trams were designed by Antwerp based Axel Enthoven and the Canadian group is building them. The Bruges plant then takes care of the finish.

The Albatros trams are more accessible to wheelchair users and more energy efficient.