Daddies from Oudenaarde develop Safety Stick for their children

Dongle_up Safety Stick

As parents, what do you do when your children regularly take your car for a spin? Do you worry? Or do you install safety features to make sure your darlings get home safely? The Belgian company DongleApps opted for the second solution.

Paul Janssens, father of two daughters (aged 17 and 19), and Christophe Neyt, father of a daughter and a son (14 and 16) decided against lying awake at night worrying about their children each time they were out. Janssens, the engineer with years of technology experience, and Neyt, the marketer with over 20 years of automotive experience, developed the Safety Stick, or RookieDongle for that purpose.

Insurance company endorses Belgian technology

The Antwerp insurance broker Kegels & Van Antwerpen is now giving discounts to anyone who allows their driving behaviour to be tracked by the Belgian technology.

“Young people can reach savings on their premiums of more than 50%. Companies with their own fleet can quickly achieve savings of up to 40% on their insurance budget,” says Patrick Van Dyck, commercial director at Kegels & Van Antwerpen.

5 minutes to connect a car

“It is very easy to set up the device (Plug & Play) in the car,” explained DongleApps manager, Christophe Neyt, earlier to Made in Oost-Vlaandereren. “Installation in a vehicle and activating the application on the smartphone takes less than 5 minutes. It is designed so as not to require any technical knowledge.”

“Of course, the reports are mainly a way to discuss and improve the driving behaviour of a son or daughter. If they truly drive safely, it is logical that they should be offered a lower insurance premium in return.”

Easy fleet check for companies

Janssens’ and Neyt’s DongleApps company also developed a solution for enterprises.  The ProDongle is a small device that is plugged into the OBD port of a car or a van. Thanks to the built-in GPS and mobile connection, it is always connected to the cloud. The system records the distance, speed, driving style, fuel consumption, tyre wear, and so on.

A growing Belgian R&D team

Ever since it was founded in 2015, the DongleApps team has grown and now includes product designers, IT developers, database experts, security gurus, graphic designers and enthusiastic testers. The company is based in Wortegem-Petegem, close to Oudenaarde.


Kegels & Van Antwerpen NV is an Antwerp-based insurance broker with a turnover of 6.3 million euros, 56 employees and 14,000 customers.