DAF Trucks opens new €100m state-of-the-art cab paint facility

04 DAF Trucks new Cab Paint Shop in Westerlo - Painting by Robots

Two and a half years after DAF Trucks got the go-ahead to build a new paint shop for its cab factory in Westerlo, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Kris Peeters and PACCAR Executive Chairman Mark Pigott officially opened the high-tech cab paint facility.

The new facility represents a 100 million euro investment and ensures that DAF Trucks in Flanders sets new standards in quality, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

This is no small production line that has been added to the existing factory, however. The new paint shop is an impressive 144 metres long, 58 metres wide and 26 metres high.

100,000 litres of paint saved

The ultra-modern, fully automated paint robots are capable of spraying 3,000 customer-selected colours, their spray nozzles rotating at a speed of up to 50,000 rpm to produce world-class quality and minimise paint consumption. This means a saving of 100,000 litres of paint compared with the old cab paint facility. There will also be an immediate 50% reduction in emissions, the air will be specially cleaned and heat will be re-used.

50% more cabs than previously

The capacity of the new facility is 300 cabs per day, which is 70,000 per year. This represents an increase of 50% over the current paint shop. The capacity increase will accommodate DAF’s future growth in Europe and around the globe.

Another 30 years of DAF Trucks in Belgium

Plant Manager Marc Beets said in an interview with BeAutomotive that the new cab paint facility roots DAF Trucks more firmly in Westerlo: “The current cab paint facility has been operational for 30 years. With the new one, we can go on for another 30 years. This means that our position in the Kempen region will be even more secure. You don’t shift a 100 million euro investment without any reason.”

More than 600 million euros invested

That’s good news for the 2,600 employees at DAF Trucks in Westerlo. “We’re very committed to the plant, the people, the quality they produce. We’re gonna be here for a while,” says PACCAR Executive Chairman Mark Pigott in this Kanaal Z report.

“In the past 15 years, PACCAR and DAF have invested over 600 million euros in our Cab and Axle plant. We look forward to a very bright future in Belgium.”

View here the impressive film of the new facility: DAF: our New Cab Paint Facility