Every single seatbelt in the world tested by Belgian Atos Engineering


Rotselaar based Atos Engineering holds a unique position in its sector. Every single seatbelt in the world is tested by one of its machines. Worldwide, the company supplies small and large test equipment.

No other company holds such a strong position in its niche than Atos Engineering. The seatbelts in your car were tested and found safe after undergoing a fully automatic test in one of its machines. The same goes for the seatbelts in your neighbour’s car, your uncle’s in Australia or your niece’s in the United States.

Belgian SME rules the world

Atos Engineering is one of the many hidden champions in our country, an SME that is a worldwide leader in its market. Through the series of feature articles published in De Tijd newspaper under the title “Verborgen Kampioenen” (Hidden Champions), we zoom in on Rotselaar based Atos Engineering.

Fully automatic testing in 6 seconds

Atos Engineering is the only company in the world to design and manufacture highly specialised machines in which seatbelts undergo a range of tests. Founder and CEO Frans Proost told De Tijd that his company sold about 600 seatbelt test equipment units over the past 25 years, solely to foreign companies. The sale price ranges between 30,000 and 350,000 euros for each machine. The most innovative and fully automated equipment is capable of testing a seatbelt every 6 seconds.

Increasing added value

The company’s future lies in electronic seatbelts. These belts adjust their tension to the road and driving conditions detected by the vehicle’s sensors. ”I also expect a lot of the self-driving cars,” says Proost. “These require increasingly complex test systems. Thanks to our good relationship with automotive, we are the first to know what the industry needs. This enables us to develop machines with higher added value… that we can sell at a higher price than simpler models.”