Faymonville strengthens market position with Italian acquisition

Faymonville, the Belgian manufacturer of semi-trailers for the specialist haulage industry, keeps reinforcing its international position. Headquartered in Büllingen, the company has taken over an Italian trailer specialist and launched its first 6-axle MultiMAX low loader on the Japanese market.

With the strategic decision to acquire 100% of the shares of Industrie COMETTO S.p.A., based in Northern Italy, Faymonville set a milestone by expanding in the self-propelled modular trailer segment. This will strengthen its market position.

Belgian company going big

“We are going big, with this decisive acquisition of the Italian specialist in trailers,” said the company. “Cometto is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers for heavy modular and especially self-propelled trailers. In addition, the company offers special self-propelled equipment for industrial applications: shipyard and steel mill transporters as well as for handling technologies. Founded in 1954, Cometto gained worldwide recognition by providing the transporter for the NASA Orbiter Space Shuttle in the 1980s and by being involved in the ARIANE projects in the early 1990s.”

Grouping Faymonville and Cometto under one strong brand allows the Faymonville Group to invest in new product segments and complement its product range.

“A higher production capacity together with an improved quality will be the result. This acquisition will significantly increase our market position,” said Alain Faymonville, President of the Faymonville Group.

Now employing 950 people

The Belgian Faymonville has now grown into an international group with worldwide representation and sales. Its production sites are located in Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and Italy, totalling a workforce of 950 people.

It has a three-hectare site at Büllingen, with 15,740 m² of production buildings, a 7,400 m² service centre and a 6.585 m² CNC hall, as well as a production site in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (36.250 m²) and in Poland (21,000 m²). A service station has been opened in Noginsk (near Moscow) with a surface area of 3,120m².

Faymonville quality now also in Japan

Japan is the last country to be added to the list of countries where the Belgian group markets its products.

Early this year, Fujishiro Motors Co. from Yamanachi received the 6-axle MultiMAX low loader. This is Faymonville’s first vehicle to be used in the ‘land of the rising sun’.

Fujishiro’s partnership with Faymonville makes it the national distributor. “We are proud to represent this make in Japan,” stressed manager Daisuke Fujishiro. “This kind of quality and technology is not available in Japan. In this respect, we definitely found the right partner in Faymonville.”

The Seishin company ordered the vehicle. The innovative technology is generating a lot of buzz, prompting many other prospects to already show interest.