Innovation by Belgian start-up Bolides attracts major automotive players


The Belgian start-up Bolides deals with innovative technology. While opening and starting Bolides shared cars with a smartphone is already proven technology, any company can now join this platform. Major automotive companies are launching pilot projects.

Opening and starting a car has never been easier. The system set up by Belgian start-up Bolides allows people to book a car with their smartphone. But that’s not all. They can easily indicate the car’s condition, whether it’s dirty or clean, if the bodywork is damaged, or if the oil lamp is flashing, etc.

The car can also be unlocked and started with a smartphone, using Bluetooth technology.

Technology developed in Antwerp

“We opened our Wizkey platform to other companies in April. For example, leasing companies, rental companies, large and small companies can manage their fleet and give people access to their cars through our app.”

The Antwerp company invested heavily and developed the hardware and software in house. “We are currently a team of 3 people, but I feel we need to expand,” says manager Bart Lizen (43). “I started Bolides, our premium cars business, in 2012 to officially launch it in Antwerp in 2014, together with my business partner Thibaud Dedier. The Wizkey platform is a hit. We are already running several pilot projects with one of the big four and with D’Ieteren. In other words, soon multiple fleets and companies will be “Running on Wizkey”, all driven by the same technology.”

Dockx Rental, Touring, D’Ieteren

In addition to managing their own fleet in Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven, companies like Dockx Rental and Touring now automate access to their fleet through this digital system.

The technology is indeed attracting the attention of some big players in the Belgian market. “Many automotive players want to change course and market themselves as a mobility service provider,” says Lizen. “They can run their own application on our Wizkey platform. This allows them to combine their corporate identity and logo with our system. Anyone who has the app on their smartphone can access different cars from different companies.” There system makes a distinction between private and professional rides.

Innovative fleet management

“Our system automates and secures access to the fleet of these companies,” says Lizen. “Our technology makes administration and key management much easier.”

The ambition of Bolides and Wizkey is certainly not modest: they seek to change the image of car sharing, and become an innovative player, also outside Belgium.

Their weapons? An innovative platform developed in-house, using a smartphone as a key, and the pay-per-use principle without fixed subscription costs, also customizable to any company.