Latest Belgian electric Ecar 333 ready for market

ECAR333 _2

It’s Belgian, has three wheels, is all electric and produced from recycled materials for the most part. Visitors to the Brussels Motor Show would know that we are talking about the Ecar 333. Now officially for sale.

Four years after it was first unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show, the youngest Belgian car manufacturer has already introduced three versions of its electric car: a city (Urban), a luxury model and a pick-up.

“Our Ecar 333 meets several of the requirements of responsible motorists,” says Ecar company manager, Xavier Van der Stappen. “They want a vehicle that is clean, economical, fun, innovative and has an extensive range. The roadsters are ideal for anyone who is passionate about new technologies.”

13 Belgian partners

The concept of the three-wheeler was developed in Belgium. And production will also take place in our country. 13 Belgian partners are involved, including manufacturer of complex parts Addiparts, insurance and leasing company Alliance Bokiau, design and engineering firm Green Propulsion, electrical and lighting specialist Hella, industrial design firm IOL, producer of small vans Addax Motors and producer of chassis and bodywork JD’C Innovation.

With regard to the range and battery life, Ecar 333 has teamed up with yet another major partner. Ecar incorporates the Lipo cells of the biggest manufacturers and its Belgian partner NLAB has the tools to ensure the production of batteries which are then available to buy or rent from the first year. NLAB ensures the second life of the battery, by providing an energy storage solution for a period of 20 years.

500 vehicles by 2020

The roadsters are now available to purchase. The models shown at the Motor Show are also the first three selling models. Ecar plans to sell a total of 50 roadsters in 2017.

Negotiations are also underway with an industrial partner to launch mass production in 2018. “We are aiming to produce 500 vehicles by 2020.”

Low cost lease car

The Ecar is available to buy or lease. Among other prospects, the start-up company is targeting the government which should lead by example by using eco-friendly cars.

What are Ecar’s selling arguments?

  • The vehicles have a range of 150 to 300 km.
  • Engine power reaches 30 HP.
  • Maximum speed is 130km/h.
  • The retail price for the basic model is 20,000 euros.
  • A Flemish grant is available, lowering the price by 4,000 euros.
  • Because of the lower operating cost, the lease payment over five years is lower than that of a small city car.