Mazaro world premiere delivers huge reductions in fuel consumption and emissions

Mazaro_single stage variator

The goal of the Belgian start-up Mazaro is anything but modest. Mazaro aims to bring to market a transmission that is better than any other transmission. And that’s exactly what it intends to demonstrate at the biennial International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Automotive companies have used the term “revolutionary” in their reaction to the Reversible Variable Transmission technology, and the time has finally come for the Destelbergen-based company to present its invention to the world.

Reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 16 to 26%
Mazaro’s innovative transmission system reduces fuel consumption and emissions by 16 to 26 percent. And the system is impressively simplified: it only consists of 139 parts and a handful of bolts instead of the usual thousand.

Other benefits include immediate throttle response (faster than a sports car), smooth ratio changing, low maintenance requirements and silent functioning. The traction wheels transmit power in a continuously variable way in order to avoid the gear shifting that is typical of most conventional transmissions.

Solution to a common problem
Mazaro systems are not affected by ‘drill-slip’, a common drawback in all other continuous variable transmission systems, and operate without a clutch, torque converter, piston rings or synchronizers.

The systems are the first in the world with the capability to keep the engine on a particular curve at all times, be it the curve for the lowest fuel consumption, the lowest emissions of NOx, SOx or CO2 or any other desired combinations.

Public transport company would save 16 million euro annually
In 2016 BeAutomotive published an interview of Mazaro CEO Filip De Mazière and his wife and business partner Caroline De Dijcker.

“In automotive, a 3 to 4% improvement in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is heralded as a big improvement,” says Filip De Mazière. “We are talking about 20% fuel savings and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. All the tests on the test rig prove it… but most of the industry has yet to be convinced.”

Caroline De Dijcker: “With our transmission, for example, the public transport company De Lijn would save 16 million euro annually on its whole bus fleet. Or 7,400 litres of fuel and 20 tonnes of CO2 less per year per bus! Our version fitted with a flywheel even leads to a 56% saving.

Looking for partners
Today Mazaro is looking for partners in niche markets, in particular manufacturers of larger vehicles such as buses, tractors, trucks and rubbish trucks.

“When it comes to purchasing or production, the focus is on fuel consumption and costs,” says Caroline De Dijcker. “And we bring down both.”