New Belgian factory to produce hydrogen-powered trucks


Belgium has a new truck factory. The Dutch Beukers Group, through its Limburg based subsidiary E-Trucks Europe, is building a factory for the production of hydrogen-powered trucks in Lommel. 4 million euros are being invested, and some 10 people recruited.

The Belgian E-Trucks Europe is currently fitting new and used HGVs with an all-electric powertrain powered by hydrogen, making these trucks emission free and quiet.

King Philip takes a spin in E-Truck

King Filip recently supported the company’s innovative character by riding in an E-Truck

The first workshop for small-scale production of hydrogen-powered trucks is currently being expanded into a new factory. This hydrogen-powered truck production plant is unique in Europe. At full capacity, 50 hydrogen-powered trucks will be produced there each year.

An interesting niche

“The market for these trucks is still small, especially because the price is up to 3 times higher than for a conventional truck,” Flip Bamelis from E-Trucks Europe told Made In Limburg. “The big truck manufacturers therefore steer clear of E-Trucks. However, for a company like E-Trucks Europe, it is an interesting niche product ideal for institutions, public administrations and companies keen to lead the way to green mobility.”

4 million euros and some 10 new jobs

Owner of the Dutch Beukers Group and Innovation Hero André Beukers is investing 4 million euros in the building project. About ten new jobs have also been announced.

“Our trucks are ideal for applications in the urban environment, such as refuse collection, urban distribution and container transport,” says Beukers. “We recently converted a rubbish truck that only travelled 79 km a day. In such a case, our 250-km range of action is more than sufficient.”

Flanders Make provides battery management system

A hydrogen-powered truck is a fully electric HGV. The difference is that the energy is not supplied by mains power. In fact, hydrogen is converted into electrical energy in the truck itself. This energy is then stored in batteries located on the side of the truck. The battery management system that is crucial in managing energy storage efficiently was developed in collaboration with Flanders Make, the Belgian strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry.