New DAF LF distribution truck is more economical and safer


More jobs and environmentally friendlier, safer trucks: the result of product innovation at DAF Trucks. The new LF distribution truck is more comfortable for drivers, more elegant, and safer for pedestrians and cyclists in the truck’s immediate vicinity.

With a cab and axle plant in the Belgian city of Westerlo, DAF Trucks keeps upgrading its product range. In April, DAF launched the new XF and CF, for the heavy and medium payload market segments. Now, it’s the turn of the popular LF distribution truck in the 7.5 to 19 tonne class.

The interior has been given a new look, with warm and tasteful colours. It also features a graphically stronger dashboard and DAF Connect for fleet management systems.

Greener truck

With the new XF and CF models, DAF has delivered a fuel saving of 7% compared to the previous truck generation.

The same applies to the LF. Fuel savings of 6% have been achieved thanks to engine innovations and new rear axle ratios. At the same time, the engine noise level has been lowered, while performance and operating range have increased, according to DAF Trucks’ press release about The New LF: Pure Excellence (Dutch only).

Safety: a top priority

The new LF is also much smarter than older models. The New LF models (from 8 tonnes GVW and with rear air suspension) are equipped with Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Forward Collision Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), as well as Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) as standard.

  • AEBS and FCW are designed to prevent collisions. In emergency situations, AEBS intervenes automatically if necessary by slowing down the truck as much as possible to avoid a collision or minimise its impact.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) automatically adjusts the speed of the truck to match the speed of the vehicle in front.
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDWS) warns the driver if the truck seems to stray unintentionally from its lane.
  • An optional lower window in the passenger door makes cyclists and pedestrians alongside the cab even more visible to the driver.

Growth of Belgian DAF operations

DAF Trucks Flanders N.V. (only in French and Dutch) has been active in the Belgian city of Westerlo for 51 years. This cab and axle plant has grown into a leading and ultra-modern production facility, which has invested around 600 million euros in the last 15 years. Recently, more than 100 million euros have been invested in Westerlo (only in Dutch). to create the world’s most environmentally friendly paint shop.

DAF Westerlo grows with DAF Trucks’ increasing market share, headlines an article published in BeAutomotive. More than 2,400 employees are currently producing 220 cabs and 550 axles daily for the popular DAF CF and XF trucks.

Recruitment drive for 78 new employees

Just before the summer, DAF announced its intention to raise truck production. The pace will be boosted by 8 trucks to 216 a day, in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and at the British Leyland Trucks.  In line with the production increase for the Dutch plant in Eindhoven and the Belgian Westerlo plant, a total of 78 new employees will be recruited as well as 102 temporary workers, writes the online publication ED (only in Dutch).