New tail lift does not impede loading and unloading


The problem with a traditional tail lift? It needs to be lowered whenever you want to take something out of the van. The EasyLoader is the solution. Belgian company LMJ Construct is bringing this innovation to our market.

Turnhout-based bodybuilder LMJ Construct has just built the first innovative EasyLoader tail lift into a van. The unusual characteristic of the tail lift is that it retracts under the roof of the van or truck. Because of this configuration, it does not impede the opening of the rear doors.

“We discovered this innovation in the Netherlands,” Carl Van Gorp, sales manager at LMJ Construct, told Made in Kempen. “We added it to our range at the beginning of 2017.”

Tail lift under the roof

The EasyLoader is innovative in that the tail lift is not in the way when not needed. You only need to open the doors if you have small items to load or unload quickly, while the lift is stowed under the roof of the van. It only requires 18 mm of space. Once you open the doors, you can lower it in one push of the button on the remote control.

With a loading platform of 1.5 x 1.3m, the aluminium tail lift weighs only 150kg. Yet, it is sufficiently stable to load and unload heavy goods. The lifting capacity is 400, 500 and 650 kg.

Economical and easy to use

Other advantages of this new tail lift

  • Operational in under 15 seconds
  • Wireless remote control
  • Electromechanical system, minimal maintenance
  • Can be fitted at the back of all major European van makesUse in combination with tow bar
  • Very low power consumption: 80 A with full load
  • Fitting time: 1 working day

LMJ Construct and VH-Global Trading are the first Belgian companies to integrate the EasyLoader.

This video shows you the innovative tail lift in action.