Option forges strategic partnership regarding connected cars


The connected car is an increasingly important project for Option. Thanks to a new partnership with US company Danlaw, this Leuven-based company has considerably enhanced its engineering capacities in this automotive field.

Option and Danlaw have forged a partnership in which Danlaw invests €10 million in Option. Danlaw is a global supplier of telematics and connected vehicle solutions.

In a press release, Option spoke of a ‘milestone’. “The type of partnership we have means that our companies pool their strengths to complement one another and thus come up with ground-breaking solutions.”

Connected car are growing in importance

Over the past few years, Option has specialised in Cloud solutions and the Internet of Things. The connected car fits into this picture perfectly. Option signed a major contract in summer 2015 requiring the company to develop a self-diagnostic system for cars, wrote BeAutomotive at the time. The self-diagnostic system can control drivers’ conduct and lets cars conduct self-assessments.

Innovation in the Internet of Things

Raju Dandu, founder and CEO of Danlaw, and Jan Callewaert, Option’s founder and Executive Chairman, are delighted with the contract. “Both our companies highly regard creativity and excellence,” says Callewaert. “We are looking forward to sharing our technical expertise and paving the way for innovations on the IoT market.”

Dandu highlighted the “numerous opportunities to enhance our growth profile by offering integrated solutions that leverage Option’s superb design and engineering capabilities to deliver a more robust set of connected car and IoT solutions.”

A rapidly growing company employing 300 engineers

Danlaw is a rapidly growing company with over 31 years’ experience in electronics for connected vehicles, telematics and infotainment systems. The company employs over 300 engineers, who come up with solutions for OEMs and Tier-1 component suppliers. The company is now the top supplier of telematics for on-board diagnostics (OBD) devices in North America.

Option employs 80 people, primarily engineers. The company is based in Leuven and has offices in Europe, the US, China, Japan and Australia.

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