Punch Powertrain’s engineers are developing a new Belgian car

Punch power

Engineers at Punch Powertrain have surprised us by producing their own car. In their free time they have developed the Kerv, a cross between a motorbike and a car. Their concept car will be ready to take to the road in 2016.

The Kerv will be officially unveiled in mid-February. The three-wheeler, which combines the cornering capability of a motorbike with the comfort and safety of a car, will be presented by the men behind the start-up Kerv Automotive.

The vehicle should already be on sale by the end of 2017.

Fuelled by petrol or electricity

The car is compact, measuring 1.4 metres by 3-4 m and can choose between a 1.5-litre turbo engine or an electric drive.

The Kerv is still in an early phase of development. The first clay model has been sculpted, the drawings are finished and work is being done on a number of variants (full bodywork, a cabrio and a hardtop with a removable roof). Furthermore, the start-up is designing a logo, tightening up the business model and organising a press conference.

Strong partners are investing and delivering components

What started out as a hobby project has now become a start-up with some major investors and partners.

The capital is being provided by LRM and a group of private individuals who have teamed up in a Dutch company.

Partners like Punch Powertrain will become suppliers.

The aim is to make it a Limburg-based project. “The start-up is setting up shop in Greenville”, said LRM Head of Corporate Affairs Jeroen Bloemen told BeAutomotive. “This is a centre for green companies in the former headquarters of the Kempen Coal Mines in Houthalen-Helchteren. The vehicle will be developed, designed and assembled here in Belgium. Only some components will be manufactured abroad.”

The manufacturing industry has a future

“We believe that the manufacturing industry in our country has a future”, said Bloemen. “Many Limburg-based companies have automotive expertise.”

The other Belgian three-wheeler, the E-Car 333, is delaying the sales launch of its model by a year. However, the team behind its development has made a short film about a successful test drive on the Zolder circuit.