Rhenus SML manufactures Addax Motors electric vans


The future is green and electric… and you’ll find it in Genk. SML is building the electric vans of Kuurne based Addax Motors on the suppliers’ park of the former Ford plant. “The beginning of a great future.”

The Belgian SML used to supply Ford Genk, and now builds suspensions for Audi Brussels. SML has shifted up a gear, and recently began making complete vehicles.

“We don’t limit ourselves to the production of components for cars,” Rhenus SML Manager, Stefan Maussen, told Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper. “In the past, for instance, we made body structures for the Transit. During the Christmas holidays, we launched the production for Addax Motors.

Production raised from 150 to 300 units

The production rate will be increased from the middle of next month, even though the vans will not yet be built on the assembly line.

“A lot of manual work is still involved in the process,” says Maussen. “But we are able to adapt quickly to the growing demand for electric vans.”

This year, SML expects to produce a volume of 150 Addax MT 10 and 15 vans. In 2018, this could rise to 300 following interest from Sweden, France and the Netherlands.

Green transport in cities

The vans don’t make any noise, neither do they release harmful emissions. Consequently, they are ideal vehicles to bring goods from the edge to the centre of cities, as well as for recreational and holiday parks and even for green waste collection.

The light vans weigh 600 kg and can take a payload of up to 1,000 kg. They have a maximum range of 110 km on a fully charged battery.

The Addax MT 10 and 15 cost between 25,000 and 30,000 euros.

Electric mobility partner

SML has 40 employees. The company had already landed a major contract with Rolls-Royce .

Addax Motors wants to become an electric mobility partner for companies. The company is convinced that, in the future, mobility in towns and cities will rely on small personalized, electric commercial vehicles. These vehicles will ensure cost and energy efficient, silent and environmentally friendly transport. Addax Motors is also offering a full service solution which includes the technical, financial and administrative aspects.