Van Hool develops and manufactures 482 tank containers for BASF


Van Hool, the Belgian manufacturer of coaches and industrial vehicles, has begun the production of 482 tank containers for BASF. The two companies developed the innovative transport solution together.

Koningshooikt based Van Hool and BASF, headquartered in Ludwigshafen in Germany, spent two years developing these innovative tank containers together. The 45 ft tank containers are 13.7 metres long with a basic volume of 53m³ or 63m³. The 52 ft tank containers measure 15.8 metres with a basic volume of 73m³, and have a load capacity of 66 to 67 tonnes.

Leading design and construction

“Just like our Buses and coaches business unit (BU), Van Hool’s second pillar of business – Industrial Vehicles BU – demonstrates the strengths that Van Hool offers as a company,” said a delighted Filip Van Hool, CEO at Van Hool NV. “Working together with customers to develop transport solutions for people and goods that are good for the environment, good for our customers, and thus good for the Van Hool group. This order for BASF confirms the [Industrial Vehicles] BU’s position on the world market as a leading designer and manufacturer of tank containers for the transport of liquids and gases.”

Flexible and fast rail transport

This new system provides BASF with a rail transport solution that is as flexible and fast as combined transport without compromising on the advantages offered by the existing high-load capacity of conventional rail transport.

The 45 ft tank container can be removed from the container wagon, which offers more flexibility for loading and unloading. In addition, the stackable containers can be kept in container depots, and are suitable for the storage of liquids. The tank containers can be equipped with modern thermal insulation techniques and heating systems.

Experience, knowledge and dedication of own talent

“Our revolutionary tank containers can be used for rail transport, inland waterways and, when empty, also for road transport,” says Erik Taeymans, Director of the Industrial Vehicles BU at Van Hool. “They will possibly lead to a further shift of chemical goods transport from road to railway. This shift will improve the safety and road traffic congestion and benefit the environment. Van Hool has managed to secure this important order thanks to the experience, knowledge and dedication of our workforce.”

BASF already deploying 90 containers this year

90 units and 2 prototypes will already be delivered this year. Van Hool will deliver the balance of the order in 2018. BASF intends to deploy the new 45 ft tank containers immediately.