Volvo Car Gent confirmed to build V40 successor


Once again, the Belgian Volvo Car Gent plant is reinforcing its anchoring in Ghent. Swedish Volvo Cars CEO Håkan Samuelsson has confirmed that the plant will build the V40’s successor. The XC40 was also recently assigned to the Belgian team.

Over the coming years, the Volvo Ghent plant can prepare for the two new models built on the new CMA platform.

The new XC40 made in Ghent

The first CMA car in Ghent is expected to be a compact-sized crossover called the XC40. Production will soon kick-start and Ghent will build the new cars for the European and American markets. “The Volvo XC40 will be a big success,” said Eric Van Landeghem, plant manager on a previous occasion.

The second model will be the successor to the V40 which is currently being built in Ghent.

“The new model will replace the V40 in volume. However, this car will not necessarily be in the same segment,” Håkan Samuelsson indicated at the press conference. “It will be an attractive and forward-looking model for a growing and global market segment.”

Production of this second new model will be launched at the plant in a few years, when the current V40 reaches the end of its lifecycle.

Volvo’s trust confirmed

5,500 people are currently working at Volvo Car Gent, building three models: the V40, S60 and XC60.

“The fact that the Ghent plant has Volvo’s trust is a positive omen,” commented a satisfied Van Landeghem. With this news the car manufacturer is confirming what Van Landeghem had told BeAutomotive in a previous interview: “We’ve been asked to assemble as many Volvos as possible. Our two models, the XC60 crossover model and the V40, are selling like hot cakes. They are two popular cars which have reached peak sales. And what do we do? Of course, we immediately seize the opportunity and say that we can manage the production increase, and also succeed in achieving that goal.”

200 million euro investment

The transformation to the CMA platform will also be successful. 200 million euros are being invested in this new platform designed especially for smaller, compact cars. At the end of this year, Ghent will roll the platform’s first model, the XC40, off the production line.